Remember what you learned in Kindergarten…

This isn’t about your parent’s definition of sharing. If you ever wanted to see an embodiment of Bob Dylan’s wisdom, I recommend a look at the art of composing. Truly, “the times, they are a changin’.” Obviously, this reflects an important piece of the puzzle we know as music.,..actually, creating it. Without the efforts ofContinue reading “Remember what you learned in Kindergarten…”

Contributing to the Weave (in our own little way)

I just finished watching my APMuTh students slog through an exam. I spent most of the period sweating along with them while wanting to wag my finger at them for being less prepared than they should have been. Since starting to work with these particular learners, I’ve come to a greater appreciation of how differentContinue reading “Contributing to the Weave (in our own little way)”

To Swarm or Not to Swarm: What an Interesting Question.

Last week, I described myself as a unicorn. In my teaching assignment, I’m the only one who teaches AP Music Theory (APMuTh). With that said, I strongly prefer to work collaboratively. I think I teach more effectively and am a better artist when I can connect my subject matter to disciplines other than Music. InContinue reading “To Swarm or Not to Swarm: What an Interesting Question.”

Knowledge Management: Do I Really Have to Plant My Flag in Just One World?

It isn’t unusual for music educators to be singletons…to be the only ones teaching our discipline in our buildings. If we’re fortunate, there might be one of us assigned to direct choral ensembles, one of us responsible for instrumental groups, and somewhere along the powers that be who builds a class schedule, the responsibilities forContinue reading “Knowledge Management: Do I Really Have to Plant My Flag in Just One World?”

Index Cards 2.0

When last I was on faculty at my present teaching assignment, I was able to watch six “seasons” of students progress through a rigorous college-prep environment. It was common to see batches of index cards popping up during study halls, especially as our students were preparing for exams in vocabulary, history, the sciences and, ofContinue reading “Index Cards 2.0”

Location, location, location…

As I write this, I’m considering the types and degrees of changes that have come about in my present work setting since I left it in 2004. I recently returned to it after full-time graduate study and some contrasting work assignments. My full-time teaching positions required me to be physically present in brick and mortarContinue reading “Location, location, location…”