I’m terribly sorry if you’re in need of a haircut, touchup, manicure, massage, or a new tattoo. Get over yourselves. I’m not even prefacing that with a “please.” Just, get over yourselves.

Did you hear about the 5-year-old who was taken by COVID-19? I doubt that you heard about a recent alum…19 years old…who is battling it right now. I’m sure you haven’t heard about the otherwise-healthy young men in their mid-30s who are doing the same. Same for the senior citizens whose only “crime” was residing in nursing homes. They are the ones who are so fragile that the precious ventilators our governors have been fighting for will only hasten their passing.

We all want our “normal” back…even my seniors who kept saying they couldn’t wait to be done with school. We want to be able to do our grocery shopping without being told of the direction we should be walking. We’re tired of seeing masked faces and wondering if we know who we’re passing in our travels. We want to physically be in our houses of worship with our communities. We don’t want to stay up at night worrying about those loved ones who are first responders and at the front line of this nightmare. We want to hear facts, not guesses or hunches.

So, yes…I’m terribly sorry if you’re being inconvenienced. Again, get over yourselves. We’re all just one phone call away from hitting our knees in anguish, people.
#Stayhome #COVID19

Published by Just call me Nan.

A musician/educator who is sustained by the love of a great family and wonderful friends. Lover of peace and animals.

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