Absent, but not really missing…

I’m actually embarrassed to say how long it has been since I last posted anything here. Time has passed and “things” have happened in my life and in the lives of those around me. I allowed those “things” to block off a bridge that I enjoyed building between myself and anyone interested enough in reading my musings. It feels great to say that as of today, the blocks are being removed.

We’re at the start of another significant snowstorm here in New England. This is nothing like what the people of Texas are experiencing, so I’m a grateful human. Since our school is in the middle of its winter break, my students and I would say this is “a waste of a perfectly good snow day.” Even as I type that, I’m thinking about the crises taking place in the Lone Star State and just shaking my head in dismay. Thoughts and prayers hardly seem like enough for anyone in the middle of that mess.

I’m in the thick of writing what I hope is the wrap-up of my dissertation. My writing space is simple. It is the place where I’m the most productive and can find the peace I need to make progress. Cup of coffee…check. Border Collie…check. Binders stuffed with relevant literature…check. Music…double check! My secret to staying in the zone: www.classicfm I admit this is my guilty pleasure and it never fails to feed my musician’s soul. Elgar, Whitacre, Lauridsen, Vaughan Williams, Bernstein…yes, just to name a few.

As I read through transcripts of the interviews I collected for my research, I feel nothing but humble gratitude for the chance to speak with some great examples of my profession. And with that, break time is over for this morning. Stay well and safe, everyone.

Published by Just call me Nan.

A musician/educator who is sustained by the love of a great family and wonderful friends. Lover of peace and animals.

One thought on “Absent, but not really missing…

  1. Nice musings! My grandkids are all up in New England and enjoying the snow. We in Virginia had a little ice, but nothing like what Texas has had to deal with. And my wife and I got our first vaccine shot yesterday, so life overall is good!

    Take care and good luck on the dissertation!


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